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Welcome to Lady 'O' Sews ! I really appreciate you visiting. Get comfortable, take your time and look around. This is my creative outlet; a space where I can share myself and my gift. I’m a pretty introverted person even though I enjoy good company. I stay in my head most of the time and I just needed a space to let my “creative hair” down, while at the same, time work on my life vision. I am making a conscious choice to share this space with anyone who decides to take a moment to come through the threshold. 

My blog will mainly focus on the things that I sew and the process behind the makes, but there will be times when I need to park my thoughts. This is the place I’m going to be parking a lot of things so that I can navigate through this season of my life in a more intentional way. My hope is that as I go through my process, I will be able to help you in some way with your life vision/journey, inspire you, or if nothing else–just get some feedback on my “me-makes”! 

If you would like to commission me for any custom projects or services such as alterations or sewing lessons, please navigate to "A Time To Sew Services on the menu bar.  If you would like to purchase any products that I add to my store, please navigate to "Shop" on the menu bar.  

I hope you feel welcomed and that you enjoy your visit so much you keep coming back! I would love to hear about you. Please visit my ‘Contact Me’ page or type right in the comments and tell me who you are and a little bit about yourself.

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