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About Lady O

Hey Y'all! Welcome to my piece of digital real estate. I have a passion for sewing and fixing things, which is where my love for alterations comes from. My boutique home-based business is called “A Time To Sew” and I work under the moniker of ‘Lady O Sews’. I do basic alterations/tailoring and embroidery. In addition to alterations, I also teach sewing lessons, sew blankets, and other custom items including heat press DTF.  At "A Time To Sew", my customers are the heart of my business! Please consider me for your sewing needs. Alteration services are limited to customers within a 12-mile radius of my home where I offer a concierge service of pickup and drop-off at your residence.


Sewing is a form of worship for me! When I create, I feel like I am experiencing a tangible example of how God, the True Creator, creates. I am a wife, a mother of two boys, an older sister to two brothers, a favorite niece to my 3 aunts,  and a retired Air Force Veteran. I'm also an introvert who lives in my head most of the time. Sewing gives me the time and space to quiet my thoughts and focus on the task at hand. I have been featured in Sewn Magazine twice and have appeared on "She Vets It" podcast.

Thank you for stopping by! You are welcome anytime!




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