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I.N.T.E.N.T.I.O.N.A.L Living - "Try, Trust"

Hey ya'll! Welcome to March! We made it, we survived...when the snow came to Texas to try our lives, God lifted the sunshine, to melt the snow and ice, no weapon formed shall prosper against us (a little nod to the gospel singer Hezekiah Walker)! So unless you were under a rock, not tuned in to the "news", or just living your life and doing you (which I give you two thumbs up) then you know that Texas had unprecedented snow in areas that do not normally get snow (Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, Laredo, Corpus Christi and many other cities). If the snow wasn't troublesome enough because we do not know how to drive in it, our "independent state-wide" power grid got crushed due to inaction on preparing for freezing temperatures and around 4 million people were without power. All this happened the week following Valentines Day and was referred to as "SNOWVID 21" or "SNOWMAGEDDON"... whatever it's called, it was a traumatic whole mess! Then get this; the week following we had temperatures in the upper 60s. Our neighborhood was very fortunate that we did not lose power or water during the week, but I was bracing mentally, physically, and emotionally the whole time because we did not know what was going to happen. After everything cleared up, I was "catching my breath" along with the rest of the city. This is why my post is late.

Anywho, I digress. This month's I.N.T.E.N.T.I.O.N.A.L Living action's are "try" and "trust". I consider these two actions necessary when being intentional. Let me break this thing down- as we know (at least from a previous blog post) intentionality is an action verb. The irony of the word intentional is that it requires action. If I just talk about living intentionally, but don't do anything intentional, I am not living an intentional life unless I had intentions to just "talk" about being intentional! Whew, I'm getting dizzy just breaking this down, but hopefully I drove the point home. One way to practice intentional living is to try things; the things you talked about or imagined, new activities, new foods, new experiences. In the words of brand Nike, "Just do it"! How long or how many times should you try? Until. This is your life and only you know what an intentional life or your "until" is. Try, try, and try some more. Trying takes thought that's put into action. If we sit back and let life just happen to us, that is not intentional living, but if we set goals and visions for ourselves then we have action steps to try.

Trust plays a huge role in this practice of intentional living as well. I have made the decision to set my feet and walk the path of my life as intentional as possible. I have put and am putting a lot of thought and effort into my desire to live intentionally. I know that this takes daily courses of action that are consistent with my beliefs, values, gifts and purpose in life. I must trust the process! To aid in my trusting the process, I trust God as The Source of all things; as the Ultimate, Supreme Creator who is always looking out for my good, who is always leading and guiding me. Trusting God the way in which I trust God is a process as well and I am trusting that process. Living intentionally also requires me to trust my intuition; trust my gifts and callings; trust my decisions as I stay in my lane and walk this path. I trust that even when I make a mistake, I will be ok.

This month's focus on trying and trusting has allowed me to be able to give myself and others more grace. I can literally see where my mindset about things are shifting. I am discovering that there is a beautiful dance between taking control of my life while at the same time relinquishing control to that which gives life. I choose to see this leg of the journey called life as beautiful, awe-inspiring, exquisite, perplexing and breath-taking. Life is what you make it, so live it intentionally!

What are you trying? What are you trusting in?

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