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The 'Sanctuary'

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Sanctuary\ noun\: a consecrated place such as a place for worship. A place of refuge and protection.

Hey ya’ll! I wanted to formally introduce you to the ‘Sanctuary’ which is my sewing space. In my last post I shared with you a little bit about the spaces along my sewing journey; my humble beginnings. I want to tell you about my current sewing space because,it is more than just a sewing room to me (and let’s be honest, if you sew you know we like to see other sewers space.

You may think that I’m being a bit dramatic or going a little too far to name a room and consider it a sanctuary. Before you judge me and write me off for being “blasphemous” hear me out… First let’s look at that word, “blasphemous”…it means impiously irreverent: PROFANE. A synonym to this word is “sacrilegious” which means having or showing a lack of proper respect for a sacred person, place or object. If I was on trial right now, I would stand and say that based on the definitions alone, I plead innocent and all charges should be droppe

d!! The very reason I call my sewing room the ‘Sanctuary’ is because it lives up to it’s definition.

When we moved into our “maybe forever home” (it is at the least, the home where the boys will grow up in), I knew the front room that the model home staged as an office would be my dedicated sewing room. It was the perfect size; large enough to have all my sewing and crafting supplies, but small enough to not go overboard with stuff. I could finally unpack ALL of my crafting and sewing boxes for good! (You have to understand that we were a military family and we were used to moving often, but we retired and now had the house that we would be in for the long haul, if not forever).

The first set-up for the Sanctuary

I spent many days making sure that all of the things that were near and dear to my heart adorned my room. As the room was coming together I dedicated the space to God and asked Him to bless my hands and whatever I made in that room. I prayed that He would bless each blanket or gift that I made for someone. I consecrated that space to Him. My space is blessed and you can feel God’s presence when you step into it. I’m not exaggerating, His presence is real. One day, I was sitting in there and I felt the peace of His presence and I claimed the space to be my sanctuary and that is how ‘The Sanctuary’ came to be. When I am in the ‘Sanctuary’ sewing or creating or even cutting out a pattern, it’s as if I’m in a Master Class with God Himself teaching me about His creative power.

Everything that I make in the ‘Sanctuary’ comes from my heart. It comes from the inner most depths of me. I compare every garment or blanket, or handmade item I make to how God created us. He is the created’s Creator. He made each of unique and He took His time with each and everyone of us. When I’m sewing and preparing to sew, I take careful thought about every step of the process. I think about how the fabric on the self does not know what it will be, but when I go to the store and select said fabric, I as the creator, know what I want it to be; I have the end in mind all the way through the process.

This reminds me all the time that He is the potter and I am just the clay and this is the point…EVERY time that I step into my sewing room and create something my mind and heart are ALWAYS tuned in and turned to God and I’m in a place of reverence toward Him. This is worship and wherever you worship is considered a sanctuary. It’s not the room I worship or anything in the room, it is Him– God, and His presence that I worship…In the ‘Sanctuary’.

Do you have a dedicated space for sewing? I would love to see pictures of your space. Please send me an email to with a picture of your space or comment below sharing something special about your sewing space!

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